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Mothers of Incarcerated Sons Society, Inc. (M.I.S.S) was certified as a 501(c) 3 organization on December 16th, 1992.

The founder/Director is Rhonda Robinson, she retired January 1, 2011 as a (case) social worker for the State of Michigan. Ms. Robinson is an indie author. Her book The Definition of Insanity was published in 2016. Her son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1, at 22. He was arrested at 16 and spent 8 years in prison. 

Incarceration effects every race and statistics show that there is an increase in female incarcerations as well. Therefore, it is important that we all unite to help change the D.O.C system.

In 1992, it was extremely unpopular to have a support group for the incarcerated. Few citizens wanted to hear about the rights of inmates. Organizations like ours were called, "Bleeding heart liberals". There was a movement calling for "War on Crime". Subsequently, it was difficult to get any substantial support from most legislators. However, the late Senator Jackie Vaughn III and former representative Cheeks-Kilpatrick were the only legislators that gave notice to our cause and we are thankful to them.

State Rep Cheeks-Kilpatrick wrote in her 1993 State Capital report, "My goals will be as before: to pro-actively stop crime through intervention during early education, to provide fair treatment for all prisoners, job opportunities for parolees and counseling for the families of Michigan's inmates. The Mothers of Incarcerated Sons Society (M.I.S.S.) is an organization that aims to do just that-offer support through counseling for inmates, parolees, and their families. M.I.S.S. provides public seminars, referrals...I believe creative and motivational programs such as M.I.S.S. are effective and far less costly alternatives to the building of more prisons. By addressing the needs and problems of the first-time offender, this vital organization offers hope where before there was none".

Twenty-seven years later, the "War on Crime" mentality still exists today. It has been a long uphill battle to get moral and financial support for any prison rehab programs. But we are going to continue to forge ahead and keep the faith that one day there will be effective prison reforms for state prisons. We understand that this current administration has passed a modest federal First Step Act, but they should address state reform as well. There are 1,719 state prisons in the U.S. and The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates 102 prisons.


We currently have over 3,700 members around the United States and in Europe.

a.) M.I.S.S. will aggressively search for resources that will provide our members with the tools needed to be informed.

b..) To help families cope with their difficult situations, through fellowshiping with one another..

c..) M.I.S.S. book club.

d.) M.I.S.S. Long-Term group.

e.) M.I.S.S. Meet-up Zoom meetings.

In Solidarity,

Rhonda Robinson,

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